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At Best Driver Resources, we work hand-in-hand with people we trust, who give us a unique insight into the commercial driver leasing industry.  Now we have made them available to you, as well.

At Best Driver Resources we are often asked questions that we are happy to answer. We have noticed that some questions we hear often. So below we have brought you the answers from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) that we are asked the most:

What are the current rules concerning hours of operation (effective October 1st 2005):

We haul Hazardous Materials and have questions-related to regulations:

As a company there are general questions that come up. We question current rules concerning drug policy, records, inspections, safety, truck sizes and weight:


What Federal Safety Regulations do we need to comply with?


Where do I go to apply for a USDOT number?


I heard that there are recent changes to federal rules. Where can I get the facts on these recent changes?


The U. S. Truck Driver Shortage: Analysis and Forecasts

Prepared for the American Trucking Association

Estimates of the size of the truck driver workforce and Future demand for truck drivers.

The truck transportation industry in the U. S. is experiencing a national shortage of truck drivers that has become a limiting factor in the operations of many companies. The following report addresses key issues, road blocks and possible solutions.

For details click on this link:

Issues covered:
Estimates of the Size of the Truck Driver Workforce
Future Demand for Truck Drivers
Potential Supply of Truck Drivers
The Imbalance in the Truck Driver Labor Market
Resolving the Imbalance

Effective July 1, 2005, Class D licenses were converted to Class E. Drivers may continue to possess valid Class D licenses until their licenses are renewed or otherwise reissued. This includes farmers and emergency vehicle operators who are exempt from commercial driver license requirements.

For more information: http://www.hsmv.state.fl.us/ddl/dlclass.html

LANGUAGE STANDARD is part of the OUT OF SERVICE CRITERIA. As of April 1, 2005, the CVSA implemented a language standard into the North American Standard Out of Service Criteria. This
is based on FMCSA 391.11 (b)(2) which requires a driver to read and speak English sufficiently in
order to do the following:
- Respond to officials
- Make entries on reports and records
- Understand highway traffic signs and signals
- Converse with the general public

- Cynthia Witty
Safety Investigator, Department of Transportation

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